Elle (llieno) wrote,

Hocus Pocus

Uneasy sleep.
Up too early.
Work to do.
Wrote a poem instead.
Need coffee?
Have to have to have to work.
The dawn sky is beautiful.

I think I must be made of magic
I know that does not sound tragic
but if you stood here upon my stage
and ripped the words off the page
and locked them inside the lion's cage,
trapping away the written rage,
then I know that would you know
that I must be made of magic

Magic doesn't exist, some will say
It's all an act, a show, a play
but if you sat here upon my chair,
danced in denial desperate despair,
and painted your face with a nightmare,
and no one else seemed to care,
then I see that you would see,
that I must be made of magic

Abra kadabra, a wave of the wand
The audience surely must respond
and yet if you slipped inside my sphere,
and drew curtains before your fear,
and let escape one bitter tear,
and no one noticed you being here,
then I am sure that you'd be sure
that I must be made of magic

You sir, you sir, pick a card
Oh come on sir, it isn't hard
and yet if you hung here on my hook,
wrote down the world within a book,
and yet see with a fleeting look,
it's always the ace that he took
then I would hope that you would hope
that I must be made of magic

Look into my eyes and count to ten,
Not quite yet, I'll tell you when
and yet if you balanced upon my feet,
in the middle of a crowded street,
and burning with horrendous heat,
screamed and screamed and screamed so sweet,
but the hundred people that you meet,
don't hear you, you must be a cheat
and I would cry for you would cry
that I must be made of magic

Ladies and Gentlemen, that's a wrap
Then the curtain falls as people clap,
and yet if you were within my mind,
saw the adoring masses are not so kind,
witness how as if so designed,
they all choose to be so blind,
they'll all leave you behind,
on a empty stage, you become resigned
and I would fall as you would fall,
invisible within the curtain call,
and I would bawl but you'd stand tall
for who should care after all
and take their eyes off the ball
and see me standing there so small
that I must be made of magic?
Tags: poetry
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