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Bleh. I spent most of the day in bed. I wasn't even online that much today. Lemsip and water, repeated with large helpings of tissues to dam the eternally running nose. I didn't even get to have that bath last night because I eventually felt I'd just ruin it with my runny nose. When I slept, I woke up early, and then felt too hot because the sun was shining through my window. So I opened it, and then gradually felt too cold. I slept until midday, and spent a little time up before sleeping from 2 to 6. I can't believe I slept that long. I am so glad I have my beloved Panda plushy to cuddle up with and snuggle, it makes being in bed more tolarable.

Missing Holly a lot. More than I remember before. I kept imagining her coming in and bending down to kiss me, or snuggling up to her whilst my head was pounding. I cried at her over the phone, and was generally really emotional. Not surprising, my emotions have been all over the place, and I've felt like a madwoman pacing the kitchen, leaning my head against the window and flexing my fingers. I'm just about coming to terms with not getting much work done while I'm ill, but if I spend most of tomorrow reading and watching films, that should count as dissertation work without me needing to leave bed. Hopefully.

I haven't been spending as much time on Shadowbox either. Lack of online time and emotional chaos mean that I finally lost it with the aggravating poster there who hardly anyone can stand, and started ignoring them after telling them they had an empty life.

I can't wait until I'm better again. Then I can go see Coraline with Holly, do the dress shopping I promised myself for my birthday, get substantial work done, and be far less emotional, hopefully. This is kinda draining at the moment. I also have to watch what I eat. I cooked myself some Indian snacks two nights back and felt off for a while afterwards because of the grease. And they're not even that greasy. Actually, I've not been eating much at all lately, which is bad of me I know. It's hard to gather the energy and effort.

You must be getting tired of 'I'm ill' posts by now. Sorry. I am too. But now I shall take that bath, and I hope that despite my nose and my cough and my savage double sneezes (you know the sort...), it helps me relax. It should also make me less smelly after so long in bed, and with a bit of luck, it will help my skin too. So I'm quite looking forward to it. Don't let me down, Lush.

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