May 6th, 2009


Cruelty through Coincidence One of the things about my dissertation has been that neither my tutor nor anyone else in the History department knows much about my subject area. My German tutors know slightly more, but still very little...

My main source for my dissertation is Daniela Berghahn, who wrote 'Hollywood behind the Wall'.

...turns out she's based HERE in the Media Arts department.

One of the world experts on my subject matter, and I've walked past her window so many times.

...I wish I'd known this earlier!!! It's too late to ask for supervision now, and all I can do is send her a copy of my dissertation...which suddenly seems like a terrifying prospect, considering she'll probably just say I'm repeating what she said in her book...


(Also, icon is from one of the films I'm writing about! It's actually one of the better DEFA films and, dare I say it, totally watchable. Plus, it's got a catchy soundtrack.)