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So Irgendwie

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Thursday, March 12th, 2009
3:46p - Into the Future...
Last week on Wednesday, I attended another careers evening, this one geared towards creative people rather than Modern Language students. I was late for it because I was dragging shopping back from Tescos, where I had visited because I was already in Egham to meet a good friend of ours who had left uni last year and seems to be doing really well (yay alatier!). Actually, she gave me a belated birthday present of a necklace and earrings, both of which I wore to the Tea Party in London.

Actually, while I'm backtracking, A bath, and the Independence of the Writers' CircleCollapse )

SO YES the careers evening. I managed to miss the only one of the speakers I was interested in, a freelance journalist and writer, and thus had to sit through an hour of PR and marketing people, as well as a publisher who, more than anyone else I have ever heard, took complete control of her audience. But I found the people I wanted to afterwards, with wine and olives of course. I knew I wanted to talk about my own situation, so I waited until those with more general questions (generally not finalists) had finished, and then spoke. I ended up being the last student there, in fact, chatting with the remaining professionals about technology and writing and so forth. I don't think I was that drunk at the time, thankfully, and so I was able to have some useful conversations, also with a more general freelance writer. They generally agreed that my experience with school and uni journalism, my Circle involvement, and my victory in the DAAD competition was a major boon, and their advice was thus mainly 'keep on going!'. Which made me feel really positive about my future, whatever happens after Munich this summer...

I'm a writer! ...or certainly will be. As for poetry, I'll write about that in a seperate post...

So what does my future entail? Well, I did spend a few hours last week looking up Postgrad degrees, and I've found a few that quite interest me. I've not looked over them carefully yet, and I'm so bad at making decisions like this, but there are a few courses that stand out, provided I don't simply want to carry on with History. Some of the most attractive unis include Manchester, Edinburgh, Leeds and UCL, and the most interesting courses include Gender Studies (in a Modern Languages context), German History, Modern European History, Gender, Sexuality & Culture and European Culture. You can see what sort of areas interest me here. I considered Comparitive Literature, World Cinema, Translation Studies and Creative Writing too, but I think I'd feel more comfortable with the former list. Incidentally, the list isn't in any specific order...

However, I doubt I'll be doing this next year. I'd have to rush things now, it's a lot of money at the same time as my brother is beginning uni, and I fear being burnt out since I'm struggling a little with the workload at the moment. So next year is a big black hole as far as my future goes, which unsettles me, but I'm trying not to worry too much...

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