February 28th, 2009

Nao Claws

Stairwell Blockade

Thursday morning was rough. Not because of any hangover from the previous night, although I had ended up falling asleep on Holly's bed, and went back to my own in the middle of the night to try and attempt to get the work done I'd meant to do that evening. I didn't, and instead fell asleep on my own bed after a little while, waking up with only quarter of an hour until my German Oral lesson...and we were to have a mock exam, which I knew nothing about since I'd missed the last Oral lesson through my bronchitis.

But there were noises outside. Once I'd got some clothes on and scrambled a breakfast together out of fudge and smoothie, I went outside to find the corridor full of pipes and wires, with a generator humming, and a funny smell. I'd noticed the cold water seemed to be off, and I quickly realised there was a workman in the toilet, who gave me such a stare. As if I didn't belong in the flat I'm living in. Yet when I reached the end of the corridor, I found the stairwell blocked by more pipes, wires and a stepladder. I waited a little while, figuring someone would come and move things, but it was wasted time, no-one cared. I didn't want to try moving things myself, because I didn't want to send things collapsing on me, so I made use of my frame and squeezed through the gap, half-on-tiptoes to avoid catching on one of the pipes. Thank goodness there wasn't a fire, because that's the only way down from our floor.

When I finally got out, I rushed off to the exam. After the exam, I had to repeat the same procedure to get back into my corridor, where the workman gave me another stare. For the next few hours, there was the noise of the generator, hammering from the workman in the roof (whose movements had probably woken me up), bad whistling, and the sound of irritating music from either next door, or one of the workmen's radios. Not fun. I have no idea what they were doing either. But it could have been worse. After our flat, they moved onto another one, where the guy in the roof managed to mess around enough to cause the ceiling to collapse in one girl's room...

The Oral exam itself was messy. It was so hard...I understood most of the text being read aloud, and a majority of the questions, but I felt there were so many traps. For example, one question was 'So-and-so wants to be a tax consultant. True or false?' when the text said 'He wants to work as (something else), BUT then said 'once he passed the tax consultancy exam'. I am sure I tripped up a lot, and one question I just couldn't get my mind round. It was no fun at all. Plus, we were told 'one minute left' at the end of the exam, and as I hurried a final answer, was told I needed to put my pen down...it could only have been 20-30 seconds. Grrr.

What then followed was my sleeping patterns going haywire. I am pretty sure that from Thursday midday to Friday morning, I was sleeping for two hours, being awake for two hours, and so on. It left me feeling alternately exhausted and hyper during my awake phases, and my dreams were weird in my sleeping phases. It wasn't great, and I don't really know what caused it, but it meant that I ended up being online at 4:30 in the morning, and sleeping at 4:30 the previous afternoon. Needless to say, I didn't get any work done...again...but once I went into Windsor on Friday morning, things settled down to leave me merely feeling tired. But then I did end up sleeping almost the entire morning (2am-noon) last night...
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