February 19th, 2009


Dreams of a Bavarian Summer

In further desperate attempts to deny the reality of my crushing workload, I have been thinking forward to this Summer. I'm about to e-mail the guy from jetzt.de who offered to find me a place to live, because knowing where I'll be staying will help make the whole experience more tangible. It's going to pretty much be the month of August and the first two weeks or so of September, unless I get an extension which is unlikely but possible. High Summer in Bavaria, what can I say? I plan lots of having fun in the English Garden and day trips to Austria, Liechtenstein, and possibly further afield if there's time.

It does override two events, however. Laura's wedding is too important for me to miss comfortably, so I'll do my best to fly back for that. Ayacon, on the other hand, won't be happening. To be honest, as much fun as I've had at cons these past few years, it's been meeting friends that has made it worth it, and I don't feel much connection to the whole scene anymore. The only animes I'm still watching are One Piece and NANA. So, Zalia, Dark Squall and people, I don't think I'll be seeing you this Summer. Unless you come to Munich. You are all invited to Munich, for that matter, and we can sit and drink beer together. Well, I won't, I don't like beer, but it's what Munich is perhaps most famous for.

Things probably won't turn out like that. Living in Eutin was very different to how I had assumed. But I'm entering the big wide real world this time round for real. On which note, I really seriously need to be doing major research into Masters degrees now before I have to leave it a year and find some other way to sustain me into Summer 2010. And a lot depends on how I finish this degree I'm on now. But it's easy to gaze over the papers needing doing to the distant horizon. Oi vey. Poke me if I'm still here on Friday with nothing done.