February 5th, 2009


Light Rail

Oh gosh I am SO tired. I didn't even get back *that* late last night, but it took its toll, and I did end up in the situation where I was a little too hungry to sleep and too tired to cook...plus, since this time round the snow was pathetic, and so things are cold and slushy. I have little impetus to go outside.

I'll do a concert write-up at some point this afternoon, with photos once they're uploaded. Amanda Palmer was great, and she played a special set since she'd already done her 'usual' last time. This included a great cover of 'Like O Like H' by T&S. I had a rose in my hat.

In the meantime, here's a silly pretentious thing I came up with coming home on the train last night with sleet and darkness outside the window. This will mean more to you if you regularly travel in this part of England.

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