January 27th, 2009



The Palestinian Ambassador was giving a talk on Gaza here at RHUL this evening. I feel bad for not going, but I really do have too much to do...that said, I haven't exactly been productive since GDR Literature, since I've had a slight headache. Hopefully, the meal that's cooking now ought to make that go away. I'm also missing out on the event held in the Stumble this evening to 'celebrate' the Unscene festival, co-hosted by the Writers' Circle and Drama Soc. In fact, though, the Drama Soc hold all the cards, and I feel almost as if the Circle are being sold out a little. In any case, it's a fairly standard night with boring music I'd imagine. I've never been that impressed at any such event on campus.

After all the chaos with dissertation titles, I had one forced upon me. I must have been correct when I thought the deadline was Monday, because even though the department deadline is Thursday, Dr. Muhs forced the forms on us in our Monday seminar, and in a mandatory panic, I wrote down one of the several ideas that had been bouncing around my head. It's a little clunky, but: 'Frauenschicksale': The Role of East Berlin in GDR Womens' Lives as represented in DEFA Cinema...yeah. I'm doomed. There is wiggle room, but issue-wise, I am now committed. I hope there is light at the end of this pothole I have fallen into.

Off to see Amanda Palmer in Camden next Wednesday. We're also supposedly going to have a meal in Windsor on Thursday after our podcast recording, so there are plenty of incentives to get all this work done. Nevertheless, apathy is a powerful force. Especially when it comes to these horrid little 700-word essays we have to do for German on forced topics such as cloning, advertising and so on. It's like A-level work, only longer, with far higher expectations, and with a whole extra dose of tedium.

I need to really start seriously planning for next year...but it's all so confusing...so I shall focus on the present for the present.
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