January 26th, 2009

Shattered Sunset


I remain so snowed under, I half-wonder if I am in Antarctica. Despite having seen SOLO SUNNY and Spur der Steine over the weekend, I am still floundering for a more precise topic. Wednesday afternoon will be the decision time for that. I'm too busy beforehand: a 700-word essay on cloning for German Language for Wednesday morning, two long translations for the same date, and this essay about Catholics in the Third Reich. On that last point, I've finished reading the book the essay question and exam question is based on, and feel as if I have the concordat coming out of my ears enough for the Gestapo to arrest me without warning. That essay was meant to be done for today, but I was too tired last night to do it properly, and so I'm hoping that I can delay until tomorrow at least. I'm in enough trouble as it is, but as it's not a formal essay (that is, part of my course mark), I have a chance.

In other news, I have my new passport. It came this morning. I'd been worrying about the fact it was due to be delivered by courier, but he had my number, so I collected it bright and early, and it's so much better than my old one in many different ways. This evening also marks the two weeks anniversary. Elsewhere, although I've now given up on getting the awesome part-time job, I have recieved news from the DAAD relating to Jetzt.de. I get to pick the time of my internship apparently, which means I can try ensuring it doesn't clash with graduation this Summer.

I'm having bad dreams of failing my dissertation, or not being able to keep up with workloads. It's distressing because I had (and have) my sights set on a First, and I'm now scared my dissertation topic will mean I won't be able to get that. I might be being silly, but I'm really worried at the moment, and I do feel that I'm having trouble keeping up. I shall need to move into a box free of distractions, and maybe then I'll have more of a chance. At least the marks are still primarily from exams, meaning that it'll come down to revision after this maelstrom of assignments is finally over. This really is the Toughest Term.
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