January 22nd, 2009


Das Leben der Kaninchen

Rain outside in the darkness. Wind against the window frame.

I just watched the last 20 minutes of Das Leben der Anderen ("The Lives of Others"), the academy-award winning film about the GDR and the infamous Stasi. I'd seen all but that before, however my DVD (new from Amazon) was corrupt and wouldn't get past a certain scene. I had it on my list of films to watch in preperation for my dissertation, where it was to share a place with Goodbye Lenin!, Das Versprechen (The Promise) and Sonnenallee as post-GDR films about East Berlin. Having seen the film, I can definitely reccommend it, even if it is slightly in accurate about the Stasi's methods (because a secret service that reknowned wouldn't have let what happens happen). It's moving, and the acting is superb, especially the protagonist, Wiesler. The main theme has also stuck in my head, being that kind of sad, empty, reflective music that I love.

I'm in trouble, though. I have this essay on Catholics and Nazis to do, and whilst I've read a lot, I've still got a lot to read, because this will be an exam question, and the more I know...but I know Dr Muhs will want it for Monday's lesson. Okay, that's doable. However, to focus on it, I need to take my eye off the other projects. I can do that with German, for the time being, just, but not with my dissertation. I'm supposed to submit a solid title for the work on Monday, and as things stand now, I don't have a specific theme, let alone a title. I have a few possible themes, but not enough time to watch the films and read the articles to judge which will be most rewarding.

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