January 19th, 2009


Sacraments against Swastikas

Dr. Muhs tutted at me and looked a little disappointed.

I went to his office after German today to tell him why the essay wouldn't be in today. I didn't want to leave it until the lesson, after all. Thing is, it might actually work out better for me in the long run this way.

See, the topic I switched to is not one I'm especially comfortable with. The Catholic Church in Berlin and the Nazis. Yes, I do have a religious background, and aye, I did go to Catholic school, so unlike some people on campus think, just because I'm not a church person now doesn't mean I don't know my sacraments. The reason I picked this is twofold, with those reasons being themselves related. We spent a lot of time (about 90 minutes) covering this in class, and it's definitely going to be on the exam. This is because no-one really knew much about it when we covered it in the seminar, and no-one has read the key book. That key book was released back into the library sometime last week, so now I have it, and am making my through way through it, with the intent of soon writing an essay that will definitely solve part of my future exam for me. Huzzah! Although there's a lot of sources out there, and there is a lot to digest, so this may take me longer than I had hoped. I am also getting fed up with the Nazis, especially when I need to focusing on Germany's 'other authoritarian state of the 20th century'.

In other news...people. I'm irritated at them. Or some of them at least. The guy in the computer centre who on both days of the weekend spent his whole time on Skype speaking loudly in Hindi to someone, for hours. However, moreso, the French guy next to me, who had a load of friends round on Friday night, who apart from being loud, left the kitchen in a mess with a small pile of ash on the table. Actually on the table. When smoking isn't even allowed in here. The number one target of my ire is the Chinese guy on the ground floor who must have forgotten to take his card with him, and thus rang the doorbell twice at 60-second intervals. The loud doorbell that sends a cascade of buzzing down the corridors. At 5:50am. I was woken up, then woken up some more so I couldn't go back to sleep, and at 6:10am, I eventually grouchily ran downstairs to fling the door open and let him in, because no-one else had done it. Grrr.

In contrast, I met richardiii on Friday, which was great. He's a wonderful chap, and inspiring in more ways than one. I was going to take him to Mango Chuntney, the cheap and cheerful local Indian restaurant, but they closed early, so I took him to the Happy Man instead, a pub I last visited some time ago. He's awesome.

I'm aware that I must sound fairly boring at the moment. On the contrary, I don't feel I'm doing enough work! Essays always bring out the stressful side of things, though, so I feel that'll change in the next week. Hopefully, my updates won't all be full of deadlines...
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