January 1st, 2009



A lot of resolutions, from the mundane to the truly ambitious, are being made today. What are your New Year's resolutions? Do you think you're likely to stick to them past the month of January?

I made a resolution a few years back to never have any more resolutions, and it's one I've kept.

I don't really feel the need, personally. There are always targets I need to work towards, but dressing them up in a specific time frame makes it hard, especially since the start of January is not representative of the year as a whole. I could say "limit essay wordcounts", "keep room clean" or "avoid frivolous spending in clothes stores", but whilst all are true, I need to approach them on their own terms.

I feel now that I am even more justified in this approach now that it's been reported resolutions are detrimental to health. So, expect the same answer for 2010.

I use my New Year for other purposes, anyhow. I'm already feeling that this is a new time, and although today is really only a continuation of yesterday, I can feel the year ahead rather than the year behind. It's a good excuse to bury myself in dissertation tomorrow. As well as go grocery shopping.

Today, of course, I didn't do much. Holly and I had a lie in, and then we spent the afternoon watching iPlayer. The Doctor Who prom was fun, and has inspired me to get Murray Gold's Series 4 soundtrack on iTunes. I still think the Wallace & Gromit was fantastic. The general idea is to get TV watching done now so we don't do it when we need to really work. Which will be soon.
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