December 26th, 2007

Star Dreamer

'Tis the Season

Getting used to English keyboards is surprisingly hard. It's not so much the Z-Y swap, as the totally different punctuation keys. I bet I'll readjust in time to return to Germany in January.

I sat down to watch The Motorcycle Diaries tonight, which was being shown on Channel 4, but after a few minutes, I realised I wasn't in the right mindset. I've seen the film before, and whilst I'm fond of it, Che and Christmas are not typical bedfellows. Instead, I watched the latte half of Love Actually, which I have also seen before. As a result of this, and my typical tendancy to get easily affected by things, I am now listening to God Only Knows by The Beach Boys on repeat, and thinking about love and life and things. There are lights everywhere, and Christmas Day has only just faded away, so all in all, I'm pretty sentimental right now. I felt pretty similarly after A Christmas Carol yesterday. It's fair to say I still believe in Christmas, even if that Christmas is never the Christmas I seem to get.

Today was pretty typical. Woken up by a mad rush to get to Church, in which stress seems mandatory, and then after the service, coming back here after a detour to drop someone else, tidying up for a while, and then hosting my Uncle and his family (one of whom ought to be reading this). After they left, Christmas Dinner with us and Opa, and then a blur of presents, napping, and Doctor Who. I never find Christmas to be particularly white; it just seems as if the contrast is turned down. Still, things worked, and nobody rebuted me for the presents I brought them from Lübeck Christmas Market.

I suppose I could post my 'gets', but it's not much, and I didn't ask for much (a fair amount of my Christmas money is going to someone else at my request). I recieved a complete outfit flown over from Bolivia, no less, with gloves, scarf (exactly my taste), and a lovely top that looks like a cardigan but functions as a coat. Hairbrushes and various perfumes completed that side of my presents, whilst the other side was made up of Making Money (Not read it yet!), liquorice sticks, and various other books (on QI, Discworld, and Philosophy respectively). I'm happy for what I have recieved.

Typically for our family, we will also be rushing down South to my Grandfather's. My third Christmas (after Rendsburg and Nottingham) will be tomorrow evening near Ascot, and I won't be returning until Thursday. I won't mind the lack of Internet access so much, but it does now seem as if I won't get to show the Schleswig-Holstein Canadian Language Assistant around Nottingham, and my plans to meet up with various people certainly seem a little skewed. Ah well, I'm used to it!

I did, incidentally, enjoy the Doctor Who special, unlike last year's more mediocre effort. It was less RTD than other Christmas specials, if you know what that means, and nothing really grated, except for possibly the rather unfestive body count.

I would also like to thank onsentamago, scattermew, vixen_of_light, mousse9 and daniellafromage for their cards! :)
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