December 25th, 2007


Foglights and Fairy Lights

This house is manic at the best of times, but on Christmas Eve, that holds even more true. Yes, I'm back in the UK, at my family home in Nottingham for Christmas. Holly and I flew over on Sunday, just about...

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I didn't get up until late either. I was tired, and whilst I had things I could have done on Christmas Eve, it was either too late or too hectic to do them. We ended up watching a lot of television, which proved rather conclusively that when it comes to Christmassy things to watch, Charles Dickens still trumps almost everyone else. I'd not seen the Patrick Stuart Christmas Carol before, but it ticked all the right notes (and had me emotional in the right places), and what was lost by not having muppets and songs was gained by having a more poignant, realistic edge. Oh, I do so love that story!

So, once again, I'm spending the early hours of Christmas Day alone at the computer. Well, I don't necessarily want to, but I have little chance to properly spend time online during the day when my brother is so possessive of the computer, and the rest of the family always has something going on. The little things that irk me every time I come back here have already been at the irking: things like the bright lights all over the place that scatter my thoughts, and no-one willing to have them all turned off until they have gone upstairs. I cooked Bratkartoffeln for my family, but there are no non-stick pans, and I'm a little concerned at what can be done with the kitchen here.

Looking back (something I expect to be doing a fair bit in the next week), I can see that my journal has been rather...lacking since the end of November. I've been doing a lot, meaning I haven't had much time to update, but also meaning I have had a lot to update on, and whilst I compose posts in my head about, say, the nature of the classes I cover, or German Christmas markets, or how I'm finding the UK after so long abroad...they never get written, and I miss them. I like to use my journal as a way of noting how I feel, and recording what I've done. So I figured I would write something now, and hope that I do find myself with opportunity to write about my rather hectic Dezember.

I better go to bed. I have Church to look forward to in the morning, alas, and then all the fun of the extended family for some time. I suspect the Christmas Day I believe in isn't really the Christmas Day I ever get, but I'm content to keep on believing. A different belief to that which most of those in Church will hold, but I am myself.

In any case, whilst I have neglected my journal, with the exception of the past five days, I have not been neglecting yours. I spend a lot of time reading what you guys type, and whilst I wish I could share a lot more of the amble thoughts and feelings within myself, I am glad to be able to share things with you which are a little more personal. Maybe I'm just a comment-spammer, but, hey, I do care about you people.

I care, and therefore I will close this rather rambling post with a few words you may already be expecting.

I wish each and everyone of you a day that you will be able to look back on and smile, a day where you feel glad to be who you are, where you are, with who you are with, a day which will have you laughing with joy, or at least enjoying things a little more than your average Tuesday. Whetever Christmas means to you, be it the Nativity Story and Midnight Mass, be it Santa Claus and Fairy Lights, be it Aunt Judith and her turkey, be it Jack Skellington and Tiny Tim, be it Yule, be it Channukah, be it Just Another Day...

...have a very Merry Christmas. xxx
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