December 17th, 2007


(no subject)

As Gmail helpfully pointed out to me when I logged in this morning, I haven't even been online since Thursday. For once, though, I have a good excuse: I was actually doing things. Well, not Friday I admit, for I spent almost all of Friday in bed, but then, after these past few weeks, I figured I deserved a lazy day.

This weekend was rather insane anyhow. I had a rather vivid dream on Friday night which involved some form of totalitarian state, and my escape from it with friends (they wanted to kill me, I believe). It ended with me at the front of a train/bus plunging off the edge of a bridge towards safety, but I don't know whether I escaped or died. It was rather emotionally draining (I dream in emotions and images!). I remember the totalitarian regime being something which would be fabulous to write about, but alas, I remember naught about it, aside from a female commander of the secret service who came after us personally and ended up being given the slip on one of the metro lines...

I didn't feel too great though, and I had a train to catch. I'd missed the 0930, and the 1030 seemed unlikely as I'd have had to have rushed and that wasn't going to happen, so I had a shower and some coffee, and spent some time getting an outfit together (I was superstripey with my stripey top, stripey fingerless-gloves, stripey kneesocks and stripey headband), which was fun. When I was ready, scarf, boots and all, I headed down to the station, arriving dead on 1130. The train to Kiel had already gone...they changed the timetables last week, and the Kiel train is now a few minutes earlier. And hourly. So I sulked for a bit (I'd hurried to the station so quickly I dropped my scarf and had to pick it up!)

I then went to get a sausage (for breakfast) and Glühwein (for breakfast) from my usual stand in the Peterstraße, and bought a present for the Mystery Gift session we were to have. See, the event I was going to was a breakfast-dinner-gift session in Rendsburg, which officially started at 1100. Rendsburg isn't all that far away, but the connections are Kiel are diabolical in that both trains are hourly, and both get in quarter of an hour after the other one leaves, meaning you must always spend 45 minutes in Kiel. Missing the 1130 meant that when I did get on the 1230, I wouldn't get into Rendsburg until 1430. So imagine my despair when I got onto the train to realise my ticket had fallen out of my pocket at the Glühwein stall...

I made it to Kiel, just, without having a ticket collector give me a €40 fine. I had a lot of time to spare, though, so I headed down to the harbour briefly before remembering the Christmas Market (my sixth, after Berlin Potsdamer Platz, Eutin, Stockholm Gamla Stan, Lübeck and Jena)