December 10th, 2007


The Scenic Route

In Germany, if you want to save money when travelling by rail, you can avoid taking the swanky luxury ICEs, or even the fast ICs, and go with the regional trains. I did just that returning from Stadtroda in Thüringen, where I spent the weekend with Holly. However, the journey took 8 hours on 5 different trains, and featured me running about 7 different stations (Stadtroda, Göttingen, Hannover Hbf, Uelzen, Lüneburg, Lübeck Hbf, Eutin). I'm a pretty good traveller, so I'm not too exhausted by it all, but it does mean that I'd like to get back to my room.

So, in the past week and a half, I've been pretty much constantly on the move. Now ought to be the end of it, except I somehow lost my beautiful black scarf outside Holly's flat in Stadtroda, so now I need to go back to Lübeck to buy a new one. Also, there is a gorgeous Christmas Market there which I spent some time at on the way back from Stockholm and want to explore more. I also want to see Hamburg, and the Schlessis have planned a trip to Husum on Thursday. It seems as if I shall be now living on German Railways...or at least, not in my room. It's pretty scary in there, as I haven't been able to clean it for a while, and the sink is...well, the light bulb has gone in my kitchen, so I hadn't been able to do the dishes before I left for Stendal a week and three days ago...

I will do a proper update when I somehow find time. I've got over a thousand photos to deal with too. Quite when I'm going to do all this is unclear, as rather than stay in school, I'll be Lübeck-bound. I really need another scarf, my neck is cold...and I cried about losing the other one, as I really liked it.

So...I'll try and get things done. Soon. Once I actually stay still, that is...