December 5th, 2007


Stockholm Syndrome

I did actually type up an update on yesterday from the hostel, but their Internet is still down, so I'm reduced to sheltering in a 7-11 (they're quite common here) dealing with bright lights and bad coffee. As such, instead of passionately typing up the update I had planned, explaining what I've done in Stockholm (largely wander around taking photos, or going window shopping in Södermalm, but also a trip to the lakes outside of the city), how I've found Sweden (I keep trying to speak German, and Stockholm reminds me a lot of Prague. I wish I could know more Swedish, and there are lakes everywhere), what I've been feeling (Stockholm is so pretty, I love the fashions here, argh gender dysphoria), why I'm so tired (hardly any sleep last night due to Italian partiers, walking around for most of the day) and then little things, such as the strange taste of Julmust, my confusion with Swedish currency, and just how surreal this whole experience is...

Oh, and a good 450 photos. They'll be uploaded soon enough, but whether I'll be able to make a photopost I don't know.

Then, of course, there's the concert. Cosplayers, CDs, that odd feeling of being surrounded by people with the same passion as yourself, the large amount of outfits that I wanted for myself (which does not include Kefka's costume), my seat being right next to the stage (but at the side)...and then the concert itself. FMV along with some of the most beautiful music played live by very talented people. Nobou being in attendance, and even coming onto the stage twice at the end (I*m wondering if 400Kr. was really too much for the chance to shake his hand and have a photo taken with him...that man is like a saint to me). I cried when they played Liberi Fatali at the beginning, as the music I'd loved for so long was finally in front of me. I cried a lot more when they played Love Grows later, a deeply-moving track for me at the best of times, and they played it to footage of Laguna from the ending sequence of FFVIII...I was trying to not let my sniffles distract my neighbours.

The rest was, of course, deeply moving and brilliant. Fisherman's Horizon, Don't be Afraid, Opening/Bombing Mission, Viva Alla Flamenco, Final Fantasy, Swing de Chocobo, Aerith's Theme, Theme of Love, and a beautiful rendition of Draco & Maria, the opera from FFVI. Then, we all prepared ourself for One Winged Angel as the last track, but they played Terra's Theme instead! ...and then they played One Winged Angel anyhow, and made it sound twice as dramatic as Video Game Live had last year. Nobou must have been proud...after all, he gave the go ahead for OWA to be played after all.

I want to say so much, but I don't feel so good, so I'll head back to the Red Boat now. There are two girls waiting for this Internet anyway...I hope the samples of the concert I took worked for you!