November 28th, 2007


Soundso / Thisandthat

This is partially to give me an excuse to put the song on repeat, partially to give my ailing German a thorough run-through, and partially to introduce most of you to Wir sind Helden. Now, I know most of you don't know German, so I've spent half an hour providing a translation to the best of my abilities, so I hope it works. Of course, it can't be any linguist knows, certain things only work in a specific language. For example, the title 'Soundso' refers to 'so und so' or 'this and that', but written together it looks like 'sound so' which can mean 'sound like this'. There are better examples, but they are harder to explain!

I'll include a YouTube video of the song, because WsH's videos are typically fantastic.

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So my German is pretty good, but still not good enough. Okay, mulled wine time!