November 26th, 2007

Nao Claws

Thought Control

Heya everyone,

This will be very short, seeing as I'm not actually the one posting it. See, my school, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to block Livejournal. I'm taking it as a personal response to my time spent on it, given how they've also blocked Veoh (thus removing my only other way of watching One Piece), but YouTube and Greatest Journal both remain untouched. Thankfully, Gmail still operates, but so does Facebook oddly enough.

I'm really really annoyed. Okay, so it's fair enough if they want to ensure I don't spend time doing personal things when I ought to be teaching…but I usually use these computers after I've finished all my lessons! I was told from the outset that it's okay for me to use the Internet here because I have no Internet back at the Rosenhof. Apparently, the assistant last year did the same thing. However, the sites are blocked, and so I can only assume the System Admin assumes I'm doing something wrong. Megavideo was already blocked as a porn-site…maybe Veoh is blocked on similar grounds. If I'm still logged in, my personal search history on Veoh could give the wrong impression…but Livejournal?

If they want to ban any sites that could possibly contain anything scandalous, they may as well block the whole Internet.

So…I'll try having a talk with the System Admin tommorrow. He doesn't know me very well, so hopefully it's just a case of him not knowing I have permission to do this. If he remains resolute, then I don't know what I'll do. My only other Internet options are the expensive Casino I use at the weekends, which is smokey, loud, and has a slow, dodgy connection anyhow, or the Stadt-Café, which is cheaper, but requires me to lug my laptop all the way there and back each time…and they close at 6pm, when I typically do most of my Internet browsing in the evening due to how my day is structured.

I can live without Veoh, even if losing my One Piece source is a little irritating. However, Livejournal? Quite aside from losing contact with you people, I use Livejournal as an outlet, a record of my life, a way of seeing where I am, where I've been, and where I still have to go. I could use Facebook's blog, but it's not the same…especially since I feel I can be far more open here. In any case, I can't speak with you there…

Well. I'll talk to the man tommorrow and see what he's trying to do with this block. In the meantime, I'm afraid I can't reply to your comments, or post on your entries. If you have anything important to tell me, my e-mail is on my profile. That still works, thank goodness.

Oh, I tried voice posting this, but the voice post mechanism broke somewhere along the line, cutting me off and not even leaving me with a stub of a message. 2 minutes of call-time to England with no result. It's no wonder I currently feel like breaking things!

Thanks go to Holly who is posting this for me.
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Voice Post

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“So it looks like I'm going to attack LiveJournal post because it keeps cutting me off all the time but it's done this to other people as well. So I, I know I'm not alone the, the voice posting stuff in the UK even though I'm not in the UK I'm using a UK no. The voice posting and stuff in the UK isn't great. Yes, what was going to say. So I'm going to yes, I'm going to go home now and do very little because I'm just too irritated and depressed really to do too much. I spent most of the weekend loafing(?) off or so it felt and my coming to work and end up not doing much and then have all this it's hardly an incentive to work hard is it, still I'm doing a lesson on Scotland soon so that'll be Bonnie, all the Scots and my friends ___ will hate me for that. Ok, I better go cos this is costing me and it will cut me off again. So, bye bye.”

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