November 24th, 2007


Keep Smiling

That makes the second time the Internet connection has temporarily cut. It's irritating, given how I'm supposed to be paying for my time on this PC, but it is interesting as well, through watching the reaction of the various people around me, all of them regulars here. On my right are two people playing online casino games, who wouldn't look out of place in Las Vegas either. On my left is a somewhat-serious looking man with half-moon spectacles who is probably someone's grandfather.

I was meant to be visiting my Great Aunt in Stendal this weekend, but I'm not for three reasons. Firstly, I've been away from Eutin the past two weekends, so a weekend spent here not doing very much is welcome. Secondly, I heard the German trains were striking again, although I've not found any proof of this. Thirdly, I realised I hadn't actually let my Great Aunt know I'd be coming, and saying so two days in advance was probably a bit too short-notice. As such, I've been staying here, listening to the ruckus from the room next to mine (French Assistant has moved out somewhere, and there's a family there at the moment), playing Pokemon (I finally got my entire team to Level 35, it only took 3 months), and watching One Piece.

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I also love my boots. I figured I would. They also help keep my legs warm :)

School on Thursday went okay as well. I didn't do a huge amount with my two 11th classes, but I did help out. My 10th class' teacher was ill, and another teacher was scheduled to cover for him, but as I know the class and he does not, I went along with him, and I helped out with the exercise through writing various verbs for reported speech on the board. I also had to fill in for my 9th class teacher for 20 minutes whilst she went through grades with each pupil individually, but even though I just had to give them some textbook work, I still really enjoyed it. Somehow, I've ended up really enjoying my lessons with my 9th class. I wrote 'Remember: Keep smiling' on the board whilst they were doing some work in pairs, and whilst I had my back turned, someone added 'Don't worry be happy' with a smiley face. That made my day, for some reason.

Oh, and I seem to be recieving post again! It looks as if I may finally be getting my bank card, as I received my PIN, and I also found a parcel from home with newspapers (so I can teach about British media), and one from nilfy, which was a nice surprise. Thankyou for the letter, chocolate and CD!

...and I'd have posted this already, except that this makes the third time the Internet has cut. It's not usually this bad, grrr.