November 15th, 2007


Light and Magic

One thing I really love about the Staff Room is the free coffee.

Another teaching week is over, then. Today was my busiest day, I suppose, although I only took two half-lessons and sat in one other lesson. I'm now getting used to preparing activities and texts for whatever topic the class is covering that lesson. Thus, I wrote a page of Agony Aunt letters for a lesson when they were covering something similar in their textbook. "Dear Agatha, I Can't stop writing to Agony Aunts". My old haunt, 10b, are covering art, so I did a half-lesson on Banksy, everyone's favourite guerilla artist, and had a mini-debate about what qualifies as art. I felt really good after that lesson, and then ruined the mood by blundering into a classroom with a proper exam taking place...oops.

Episode 276 of One Piece had me in floods of tears, so it's perhaps just as well that there were no more teachers in the Staff Room when I watched it. I also used the Internet opportunity to order more clothes from EMP, since the previous batch are so wonderful. Speaking about the Internet, though, getting it at the Rosenhof has never seemed so difficult. Having spoken with the man at Arcor, it seems that the only way to gain a connection that would not have me paying well into 2009 is to persuade the owners of the Rosenhof, the Family Heymann, to have the Internet installed for the whole complex, and then for me (and perhaps others) to pay them in turn. I don't think it's a wholly unrealistic scenario, but I'd need to have a talk with the family, and I don't know how that would go.

I ought to be heading off to Berlin tommorrow. I say 'ought' because whilst the hostel is booked, Die Bahn is planning another strike. I'm not sure which trains will actually be running. I would imagine making my way to Berlin will be possible, but it might be a bit of a slow, crowded nightmare. Thankfully, the strikes will be over by Sunday, when I head back here. I'm spending the weekend with Holly, and Berlin is roughly halfway between us (not geographically, but logistically), as well as a city we've both been to before (three times in my case), so it ought to be pretty relaxing. Sightseeing is unecessary.

My Ladytron CD arrived at the beginning of the week, so I've been listening to it a lot. It makes quite a change from the classic rock onslaught of last week. I quite like the group's music: it's a good indicator of the type of electronic music I really like. 'Electroclash' with old-fashioned synthasisers that have the effect of sometimes making their music sound like the soundtrack to one of my old 8- or 16-bit video games. It's also apparently goth glamour, which I find somewhat amusing. In any case, it's fantastic music to work to, or indeed, to walk to.

My coffee is now gone, and I am hungry, so I'll be heading back to the Rosenhof now for a relaxing evening involving chocolate, showers, tea, and perhaps a pizza.
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