October 21st, 2007


Stockholm Syndrome

Unfortunately, I’m being teased. My Brother was in the Netherlands last week (with the Church), and now he’s in Paris (with the scouts). My parents are off to London for a Heather Dale concert. Travel and Music are indeed my two tormentors. The Schleswig group I felt such a part of just last weekend went to Hamburg together on Monday…I didn’t go, but I was doing things with Holly instead. Fair enough. On Thursday I got informed that they had planned to spend next week travelling around Southern Germany, and a lot of them travelled down to Stuttgart yesterday. If they’re spending so long together, from the Black Forest to the Bavarian Alps, I won’t be as much a part of them next time we meet up here in Schleswig-Holstein. I suppose I could head on down to Bavaria myself and join them for the latter half of their tour, but what about Holly, who wants me to go to her place in Thüringen, and who I want to take with me to visit various places up here in the North? I did want to go to Copenhagen, but it’s a little expensive, and Holly isn’t too keen. We’re thinking of covering as much of Schleswig as we can on Monday, but I have no idea what we’re doing afterwards. I’m aware that this is the only full week I’ll get to travel in until February.

Things are made worse by the sudden onset of video game music. Video Games Live is returning to London on the 22nd, apparently with an even-more impressive show than last time. At the same time, the rival video game music show, ‘Play!’ is in Oslo…now, I have a wonderful friend who I could meet in Oslo, and I would love to visit Norway, but Color Line ferries are evil in that I can get a cheap ticket on their ship between Kiel and Oslo…but I am forced to get a cabin along with it, which literally trebles the price and makes it impractical. If I went to London, I could visit RHUL again…but getting tickets with Ryanair at short notice is hazardous, and I had told myself I wouldn’t step on British soil again until December. Then, to really drive the nail in, Square Enix Music announced a 20th-anniversy concert for Final Fantasy, to take place in Stockholm, with Nobou Uematsu personally in attendance. Ah, thought I, this concert is taking place in December, and Ryanair fly from Lübeck to Stockholm. Well…they don’t. Just like Ryanair call Lübeck Hamburg, the Stockholm I can fly to is actually Skavsta, 100km away. There’s a coach, but I’d get into Stockholm just after the concert starts. What’s more, the concert is on a Tuesday, meaning I’d have to get a day off school…possible, if I ask to have the Friday instead. However, with the flight situation, I’d have to have the Wednesday off as well, and I’d actually have to fly over on the Monday evening. Flying to Stockholm from Hamburg proper is much more expensive, obviously. I don’t know what to do. I hate missing both video game music concerts next week, and this Stockholm concert seems like a one-off (for Europe, at least).

I haven’t even begun to consider the logistical acrobatics I’d need to attend a concert of one the various groups I enjoy. Still, having the possibility of, say, a Schandmaul concert, would make a long-distance trip to, say, Würzburg, a much more promising prospect. I have this awful fear of spending lots of time and money going to a distant city, getting there, and thinking ‘now what?’…even though I love to travel. Aargh, between Winter clothes, music, travel, Internet, and rent, I’m feeling like my wallet has a target painted onto it in bright crimson. Thank goodness for the combination of an Erasmus grant, the monthly stipend from the school, a small student loan, and generous grandfathers.

At least I feel alive.
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Time's Curse

Flashback Entry 21/10

I only recently realised that, once again, my Livejournal anniversary had slipped past. It was on October 13th, and five years after I first made an entry, whilst my brother played Final Fantasy at the other end of the room. I'd really love to look back, and to muse on m LJ has done for me, how I've used it, high points, low points, how I've changed...

I don't have the time for that, alas. I daresay it would take a long time anyhow. So, instead, I hereby present a flashback entry. The following are clips from entries made on 21st October from 2002 (a part of my LJ I now feel slightly ashmed of), 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and this very year.

I'll leave it up to you to draw your own conclusions in regards to what has changed and what has not. I will point out that 2003's entry was written in paper form on a coach en route to Berlin, and later transcribed, that 2006's entry was the one about my Grandmother's funeral, and 2007's entry was written between the 20th and 21st October, and thus still counts...

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I might make a few more of these...they're quite soothing, in a sense.
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