October 16th, 2007


Marzipan Glove

What is it about those type of Internet Cafes, with the various types of coffee, powerful hardware, and low lighting, that make you feel really connected? It's so different from logging on from home. Instead, it feels like you're stretching out to the world, wired. These places tend to be international too. All of which heightens with the contrast with the surroundings: the merchant houses, copper spires, canals, and cobbled streets of Lübeck, once the Capital of the Hanseatic League, and one of the richest places in the world. Times long past, but this city seems to thrive off its distant self. It is also the world hub for marzipan. Niederegger make expensive marzipan, but there's none better.

No proper update, due to things getting a little derailed last night. That had nothing to do with the fried potatoes I made. I've always been a little nervous of frying, but in Germany, you simply can't be, and I'm actually quite liking it. Food is so much more fun when it's not just something you rigged up in a microwave. I mixed up a packet soup, a cup-a-soup, various spices, and a few herbs, with a lot of pasta to create a soup. It tasted wonderful. I'm really getting used to German food, even if the Bratwurst we had at a tacky funfair yesterday weren't fantastic.

The hot dogs from the station here were, though, and I'm quite getting used to the mustard and gherkins. Lübeck, like most of Schleswig-Holstein, tends to be a little subdued. Let Hamburg have the attention, but don't hide your own charms. Subdued, but still very pretty. We didn't know what we were going to do when we got here, but we didn't do much. That's okay too. You need the empty spaces between the words.

I have new gloves, and I love them. They're fingerless, black and white striped, and somehow make my hands feel warmer, even though the fingers are still exposed to the maritime winds of Schleswig-Holstein. I do need to find some clothing to go with them, though. My wardrobe is so shockingly empty in regards of warmer clothing. The shops around here aren't exactly cheap, either.

Ah, but we need to go now. We've been here too long already. Time to leave the Wired and return to the cobbles...
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