October 8th, 2007

Shattered Sunset

A Tempest of One's Own Devising

My head hurts.

Yesterday evening was a mess. My laptop ran out of power very quickly, for some reason, so rather than do an update like I had planned, I just posted the one I'd written the night before, and even then, only just before my laptop went into standby. Then, when I got back to the Rosenhof, I realised I'd left my keys in my room (again, may I add). I then realised I'd left my mobile in the room as well. Thankfully, Emelie, the French Language Assistant for the Berufliche Schule des Kreises Ostholstein, was in her room. She'd invited me for lunch, but I'd only realised there was a note under my door at 2pm.

So we went to the office together, and called the Heymanns. Frau. Heymann took a few minutes to reach us, during which we talked to each other in our mutual broken German. There were no hard feelings, and Fr. Heymann gave me a replacement key immediately. I took the opportunity to ask about my missing PIN number (for my German debit card, which I recieved, but without the PIN which ought to have arrived earlier). Nothing. On that note, I'm in trouble, because my English card has now stopped working (it'd old and battered, I ordered a new one, but that's still in England). I have no means of getting money out, so it's a good thing I have the Euros Opa gave me before I departed for Köln a month ago.

It's been a month already?

Anyhow, Emelie then took her chance to ask about her contract, which eventually led to us seeing a different room in the Rosenhof itself, for Emelie to move into if she wanted (her current room was supposed to be temporary, but apparently she can have it either way). I took that opportunity to unlock my room, get my real keys, give the replacement back to Frau. Heymann, and then ask about the Internet. Apparently, all rooms already have phone connections, so I need only ask a telecoms company to get a landline installed, but no-one seems sure on Internet, so she's finding out about that for us.

I then started tidying my room, and halfway through that, Emelie came in to try her photo CD on my laptop, since it didn't work on hers. No luck. We talked a little more, but I was acutely embaressed at my room being in such a messy state when she came in. When everything calmed down, I went to lie down briefly...big mistake.

I awoke at 2am. Thirsty as anything, and hungry too, since I'd only had a small lunch and no dinner. I didn't feel up to cooking something in the oven, I have no microwave, and the pans were awaiting washing-up, so I scrambled my biscuit supplies, and devoured the bottle of mineral water I'd been keeping. It wasn't really enough, however, and I ended up staying awake, blinking at flickering thoughts, until 4am. I was up again by 7...

This morning went well enough, however, even if I didn't have any breakfast through having no milk. I even got a lesson (8th class called off due to exchange, 6th class still not open to me until after the holidays). The 12th class were talking Klausur, so I went along to a 5th class instead, who were tiny, and who spoke only basic English. We played a game whereby they'd write down questions for me, and then I'd sit at the front of the class and choose people to ask me things. It was a lot of fun, especially since I had to adapt my English to what they either knew, or could figure out, and I used small gestures or rephrased things when necessary. I then got to ask them some questions, and delighted a few people by singing a bit when I asked them their favourite music (ie: 'I like the Beatles' would have me sing the first few lines of 'Hey Jude'. I couldn't do any 50 Cent, thankfully). That was fun.

...but now my head hurts again. I had a coffee, but it wasn't good, and the cake they have here hasn't quelled my hunger which I realise now must be substantial. I could so with some proper sleep too, oy vey, and I still have this financial matter to sort out. It helps when I take lessons. I then feel I have something to validate things. Something to feel good about.

...having said that, I'm taking an 11th class for the whole lesson on Wednesday. I'm mildly terrified. I'll take it easy, by showing them photos of my life (RHUL, Family, etc) and getting them to ask about things they find interesting. If that doesn't spark off a discussion, I'd then go into stereotypes, because everyone knows I don't carry an umbrella all over the place, stop at 4pm everyday for tea, and eat fish and chips regularly.

On a different note, I suddenly find this icon appropriate. I think that's because we've had some good sunsets recently, and my hair does look like after I've washed it for a while (which I did yesterday to make me feel better).