October 5th, 2007



I came online to post an update on yesterday, and how badly it went. An update on Nightwish. A very personal update. More photos. I have a lot to impart.

However, I got caught up in your entries. Sitting here, with Dark Passion Play ringing in my ears, a cappuccino next to me delivered by the cafe staff who now know me, I read through your entries. Your revelations. Your fears. Your hopes. Your dreams. Your anguish. Your tears. Your joy. Even just mentioning how cats behave, or explaining why your day has been rotten...


I don't say it often enough, I figure. Thankyou, for being you. Thankyou for being people who offer me so much, even when you don't mean to. Thankyou for being inspiring. Thankyou for giving me people to indentify with. To share myself with.

I know the Internet is the Internet, but still...I'm glad I have you.

Less sappy updates ought to resume tommorrow...