October 2nd, 2007



Even when I clear myself an hour and a half here to use the Internet, I still don't manage to update livejournal. The problem is that I want to write about things without feeling pressured by time, but when I get back to my room, there are always other things beckoning. Oh, and I have so much to say. Things to tell you. Some of them deep and personal and screaming to be released from the maelstrom in my mind.

We'll see.

I like it here. This cafe is quiet, but roomy, and here, in the back room with the view of a sunlit alley, half-timbered brick houses and French balconies, it is peaceful. I've become a regular too, as now the waitress knows what I want before I order it (apple juice and cappuccino). It's like an Internet Cafe, even if it is a case of bringing your own Internet. I didn't come here straight from school, though, I stopped to have a look around the department store first, and then hunger called be to the cheap Turkish grill where I had a falafel.

I wish this cafe were open until late. I would happily spend the evening here, if there were an evening here to spend. I still harbour dreams of sitting in a late-night cafe, sipping coffee and talking about how life is with true friends, as lights shine through the window from the moonlit world outside. Not in Eutin, though. Maybe in Luebeck. I've still got to tell you about my Saturday trip to Luebeck, the city that at one point was the headquarters for the Hanseatic League, one of the greatest merchant powers there has ever been. The city's buildings reflected that. After a while, your eyes get tired even of grand merchant houses, tightly-packed along narrow streets, saving the space for their gardens and courtyards.

Well. I have tomorrow off school. So does everyone else. It's the German National Day, the Tag der deutschen Einheit. I don't know how I'll spend it. I get confused whenever I have free time, because there are always so many opportunities. I ought to have time to write, though.

Today went all right. I actually had my 12th class lesson for the first time since my first day, and whilst they spent half the lesson talking about the exams they are still in the middle of, we did get to do some grammar work. Did you know there are three different 'if' clauses in English? After that, I was going to go to an unknown class who had their English lesson moved (a lot of lessons have shifted owing to the teachers away in Kansas), but Fee left the staffroom before I could talk to her, so I ended up not doing much until the moved lesson with the 10th class that I ought to have had that morning. It was being covered by Arne, who has taken over the class in Thomas' absence. Unfortunately, this meant that Arne spent the first ten minutes going over where they were, and what they had done and hadn't done yet. After this, someone mentioned the reforms to the Oberstufe that would effect them, and the entire remainder of the class was taken up with the class angrily opposing and struggling to understand the academic changes. Needless to say, they weren't speaking in English.

Right, well I've practically run out of time now. I posted a short story earlier. It's not part of NaNo: I don't think I can juggle NaNo with everything else, but I'll still write, and take photographs. I'm an artist, afterall, and this is a town of artists.

I just stopped listening to the first few tracks of 'Dark Passion Play' by Nightwish, and they've got 'Nur ein Wort' by Wir sind Helden on the cafe radio. That's a beautiful song too.