September 28th, 2007


ColdSpot (with PhotoPost: School, Rain, and Oberon)

I was going to do a proper update. However, I am absolutely freezing in this cold, dark, wet square, and the hotspot is being as reliable as a British entry to Eurovision. I'm only online for about 5 minutes in every 15, which in these conditions, is not worth it. In fact, in the past hour, I've been online for 20 minutes at the very most, and often in 3 or 4 minute bursts.

Therefore, rather than tell you about my first teaching time (all five minutes of it), my attempt to go to a concert/photo show, and why it went wrong, high winds and high waves, and why I feel I'm settling in at the school, I shall simply have to give you photos.

A good thing I prepared this photo post in advance, don't you think?

The big brick building a few photos in is my school. Further on, you get to see inside the staffroom, as well as down two of the corridors (which look the same).
When you see my laptop on a table, that's moreorless where I am now.
There's a spider in the second to last photo, in case you need a warning.

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