September 26th, 2007



I'd love to talk, but I've had three English lessons today (one of which I had to hold for 3 or 4 minutes until the teacher could arrive), and then a 150-minute long subject conference for the English department, 130 minutes of which were taken up with discussion over examination reform, new rules and regulations from the Education Ministry, and so that's over two hours I sat listening to complex German on a subject I have no idea about with nothing to do other than re-read my ordination letter (which refers to me as a female assistant), and eat biscuits, of which there were luckily copious supplies. My icon for this post gives a good idea of how I felt.

My brain hurts. So does my stomach, which has deprived of anything other than biscuits, mints and coffee since breakfast, back in the distant dim hours of the morning.

So I'm going to head home now, to relax and happily do very little until tommorrow, when I have four English lessons, and a double of History. Ahah, life is fun.

Real updates are on their way I promise you. In the meantime, why not read my updates from last week and the weekend, of which there were so many, I suspect you skim-read all of it. We could pretend that they're actually the update which this isn't, right?