September 24th, 2007

Elle Nilfy

Auf wiederhören?

Someone just called me from England on an unknown number. I just missed the call, so I called back, only to get put through to the reception of an estate agents in Northampton, who claimed that they'd only call if I'd made an enquiry. I bet that cost me a fair amount to call them, too. Perhaps they were ringing to tell me about their tornado?

I really need something better than this for communication. I will need to try and get a proper Internet connection so that I can use Skype, and all will be better. It cost me 2 Euros just to call home for 50 seconds from my German phone yesterday! ;_;

In other news, I only had one class this morning. Alheid told me to copy my schedule from last week as much as possible, which went okay with the first class (8a), but then things got confused. Alheid has a trainee teacher observing her 6th class lesson, and thus she has told me not to come until after the holidays. I was unable to find another suitable class to replace it. Then, my double with the 12th class was non-existant, this time due to the Klausur exams taking place for both Oberstufe years...

I have a timetable, though, so I'll try to stick with it.