September 20th, 2007


Curry in a Hurry

No time for a proper update, so I'll just say this:

The Germans don't understand curry. Not even in the way the English understand curry. Here, all curries are the same. There is no 'Tikka' or 'Korma': there is just 'curry', a generic flavouring found in noodle snacks and the like. This flavouring is bright yellow, and about as spicy as your average loaf of bread. It comes with little currants in. It's what the Brits thought curry was in the 60s. Sure, the national fast food, aside from the Döner Kebap, is 'Currywurst', but that's just mild curry powder poured over a ketchup-laden sausage, and even that comes with the warning 'spicy'. They have chilli here, but again, with nowhere near the spice, preferring the gentler tones of paprika in their ghoulash soups...

It's so yellow, in fact, I reckon it glows in the dark...still, the Germans do know their soups.
Except for 'curry soup', of course. At least that comes with rice, though...