September 18th, 2007



Okay, I was feeling pretty good until I looked at my Friends Page. I've missed so much, and I will keep missing loads until I at least get my laptop to work here. Bear with me, peoples.

My laptop? I hadn't realised, but it had been using its internal wireless card to connect to the Internet at home, and the T-Punkt wifi. That internal card is old. It only works with WEP, and the wireless here is WPA. Solving this problem is made harder by my laptop only being able to go online from the hotspot for a fair cost, so downloading things is a lot harder. I brought a spare wireless card with me, but not the installation disk, and I dont know whether that will work either. Ganz typisch.

So, after that earlier update, I ended up going to a History class out of sheer desperation to actually do some classwork today. By chance, it happened to be the same class I had first yesterday, the noisy one, and I was summarily greeted by my name being called. As for the class itself, I won't lie. It was difficult. Very difficult. Astrid had said that we'd feel fairly confident at first in Germay, but I feel more clueless than I have for a while. It's partially the new language and words, but also partially the speed at which they speak. Nevermind. If I could follow things at this stage, I'd not be needing this year. I don't know how to improve my German other than speaking, listening and letting it sink in, but I do want to improve. I'll start asking people to correct me soon, but my German is so mangled that they wouldn't know where to begin. I feel really quite daft.

The worst, though, was when I asked for 'three blackboards' rather than 'three bags' in the supermarket on Sunday.

Speaking of supermarkets, I'm not getting the hang of the nearby one. I only ever seem to have free time (and be awake and not napping or asleep) when they are closed. So far, I've had to make several trips to and from the town centre with bags of, well, stuff. Because I need stuff. At least now I know that I have food in the fridge if I get hungry. The shopping itself isn't difficult. One of the advantages of having German relatives was that I spent a lot of time (compared to your average Brit) in Germany, and I remember wandering around Penny-Markt when I was 12. After two years of it, I'm also used to buying things for myself, although there are still some things I'm having to learn from having my own flat. I'm learning fast, even if I'm still putting plastics in the waste bin. Oh well. The kitchen is too small: I've nowhere to put things.

The staff here are so friendly. I've been really lucky! I still feel like a pupil who has been let into the staff room to speak to someone, though. Maybe things will feel different when I actually start teaching. After Altenberg, I've already got a few lessons lined up. I hope I make a good teacher.

Aja, the German for 'to log in' is 'anmelden', which keeps reminding me that I must melde at the Rathaus an (register at the town hall). I meant to do it yesterday, but I spent too long fiddling with my laptop to try and get the Internet to work...

I'll leave it there for now, then. Oh, but for those who know do know I have a pony-tail while I'm at work, don't you? ;)