September 15th, 2007


Von Eutin

Boo! Yes, I live, despite now having been living in Eutin since Thursday evening.

I want to give you a big update now, complete with a link to the 600+ photos I have to upload, but I can't. My room at the Rosenhof is wonderful, although it doesn't have Internet, and although I can use the Internet at school, I don't start there until Monday, so right now I'm freezing in the cold, somewhat dark central square of Eutin, sitting outside a Brauhaus using a T-Mobile hotspot that is both costly and intermittent. As such, I don't really feel like typing up 4000 words, especially since I suspect the connection is about to cut again, as my hour will be up.

Therefore, I will type up a summary of things so far from my room, and then upload it when I next visit the Internet, either tommorrow or on Monday, from the school staff room.

Obviously, there is no way I can keep up with any of your journals, for which I apologise, but hopefully normal service will resume soon(ish), even if I may have to end comments with 'Gotta go, got to go teach the 8th years about stereotypes', or perhaps, 'Need more coffee'.

I did, however, type up an update yesterday evening, and this will follow this entry.

Until next time, then, auf wiedersehen!