September 1st, 2007


The German Correspondant

Currently awaiting confirmation from the Rosenhof. Collapse )

Meanwhile, back in Egham, the magazine I used to edit for, The Orbital, is making a step up from where we were last year. They're running a two-day event, where they will create an entire issue in two days using an array of media equipment and so on. That happens late in September, so I'll certainly be in Eutin, and utterly unable to attend. However, I'm not going to be bitter. I've looked upon my time with the magazine as proof that, not only can I write well, but I can also manage a section well, and I've been really hoping to do as much as possible with the magazine, because I'm fully aware that, if I were to go into journalism, my experience there would count for almost as much as my degree.

Therefore, I shall aim to be the Orbital's top contributor, or at least as close as I can get from an entirely different country. I need to prove myself, because if I don't, I won't be able to tackle journalism after uni. I need to prove that I can write good articles, and better articles than most others. This especially goes for travel, where the magazine produced after the end of the editorial year (hence with new editors) had a fantastic travel section, with articles I'd have happily paid for during my tenure, when I'd often have to urge people to write for me, and tidy up their articles if there were problems (I wasn't allowed to write many articles of my own, despite my first issue article on Germany getting a fantastic reception). Watch this space.
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