August 31st, 2007


The Riddle of theTransient Restaurant

I screamed earlier.

Oddly enough, this wasn't due to accommodation stress, but because of a mystery being wrapped up. A new BBC Reality Show called The Restaurant was being shown, and I wasn't all that bothered by it, until a familar building appeared. Now, back around the end of May, Holly texted me to let me know that 'they were filming at Spinach'. I had no idea what Spinach was, but with free time on the way back to Hazel, I wandered along St. Jude's Road to find out, and discovered the Indian restuarant there had undergone a radical transformation into a Ghanian restaurant called 'Spinach & Agushi'. They were indeed filming, although inside this time, rather than outside as they had been for Holly. I went to have a look, and browsed their menu, noting it may be a nice place to head to that weekend. As I stood there, peering through the glass to try and see what was going on indoors behind all the cameras and sound equipment, a family passed by, saw the cameras, and went inside, led by their little boy who seemed enthralled. By this point, I'd though that perhaps a Local News crew were doing a story on the opening of a Ghanian Restaurant, so I wasn't too surprised when the family then sat down and had a meal. I may have done the same, if I didn't have dinner with Holly waiting back at Hazel. As I walked back, I remembered that I had read about there being a new Ghanian place in Englefield Green, but that had been quite a few weeks before, and whilst I hadn't seen 'Spinach' before, I may well not have noticed it.

We headed back there a week or so later to try the food, only to find all trace of 'Spinach' had gone. The place had totally reverted back to the Indian place it was before, and all the signs for 'Spinach' had disappeared. I was confused, and reasoning that either it was a massive failure, or that it was simply a film set (my old school once had its sign changed due to filming being done there), I looked it up online. The only reference to it was that it had sponsored the village fete. How odd: film sets don't generally sponsor things. I was confused, but hoped I'd find out one day.

So when I saw 'Spinach & Agushi' as one of the three restaurants featured in this new show (whose adverts have been irritating me for weeks), I literally screamed, and made both my parents jump. I don't think I've been so surprised for a long time. I'm now only wishing we had gone in to try the food, and maybe we'd have been on TV. Incidentally, the programme keep the actual locations of the restaurants secret, but I can tell anyone who does watch it that S&A was in Englefield Green, Surrey.

Okay, serious update now...
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Elle Nilfy


As you may have noticed, since my last update, the woman at the WG e-mailed to say that it was impossible for me to stay there. To be fair, we had been expecting that to be the case, but until it was ruled out, it was definitely up for consideration in terms of next year.

Practically everyone I've talked to has come to the same idea. That is, to stay in the Rosenhof, and keep an eye out for something better. Internetwise, I'll just have to cope, and whilst I strongly doubt I'll be allowed to get Internet installed (which may or may not be free, or at least very cheap) in the Rosenhof, I may be able to with one of the furnished apartments. I'd look more into that, only that now, with less than a week until I'm in Germany, I don't have any more time to be waiting on e-mails and phone calls. I shall go with the Rosenhof, and see what comes up. That is, of course, provided the Rosenhof isn't on a yearly contract. Frau. Szellinski gave the impression it wasn't, but I need to be certain, so there's one e-mail I will be waiting one.

Others may have had it easier, but they're in cities, so I can't really compare. I can still flee to Kiel if I stay at the Rosenhof long enough to abandon hope in Eutin. It's not as if I'm totally cutting off my options. Getting accommodation sorted now will be a great weight off my mind, and that's the important thing.

It's far from perfect, but perfect doesn't happen, and near-perfect is rare enough.

Now then...onto getting just about everything else sorted. Mercifully, I get to sleep first.
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