August 23rd, 2007

Shattered Sunset

Bure Bure Bure Bure

The Year Abroad continues to be stressful before it has even begun.

However, my contact called me this morning, waking me from a rather disturbing series of dreams, including one rather dark sort of witches' festival (which I shall keep in mind for possible use in fiction). My contact, the lovely Frau. Szellinski, told me of three apartments available, and then called each one on my behalf (!) to ask about whether I would be able to rent it out. One had gone by the time I recieved her e-mail, and another one wanted me to be there in person before they rented it out (and getting to Eutin before I officially start there isn't all that practical). I've contacted the place where the previous two assistants stayed, but I still suspect they won't have internet (I have asked them about it, though).

I will get this sorted, and soon, but it's difficult. What makes it more stressful is that the first handful of assistants (those in Hamburg and so on) are about to leave for their Altenberg course, which comes a fortnight before ours. Speaking about 'fortnight', it's that long before Holly and I fly out to Cologne.

daskind, fancy meeting up sometime in the next week so we can despair together?

Speaking of despair...

I tried making some Sayonara Zetsoubou Sensei icons, but I forgot how hard it is without an image programme that is newer than 2001. Henceforth, the following five are about as good as it gets. I'll probably use two or three of them, but I don't know which ones yet.

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You know your life is in an odd place when your big relief of the afternoon comes from an evolving Magikarp. No wonder my dreams are twisted...