August 14th, 2007

Native Dawn


Right, I'm about to eat curry with Holly, watch a programme on Pakistan, drink green tea, and then probably catch up on some more Death Note, so I'm not going to post my con report just yet. Truth be, I've spent a majority of the day sorting out my photo collection, as well as learning how to use Flickr. I signed up a while back under the name 'coffeebymoonlight', but I've only now found a reason to use it rather than Facebook.

So, whilst details remain forthcoming, the photos do not. If a picture tells a thousand words, then you have over eight hundred thousand words of Amecon 2007 at the following link, or 800MB in technical terms.

Possibly the Largest Personal Amecon 2007 Gallery Out There

Featuring: syuria, yoinkmyspleen, mysteryperson_x, zalia, auroras_boy, caz_chan, dark_squall, angelphie, llieno, onsentamago and many more!

Feel free to use any photos, but please credit me when using them!