August 13th, 2007



Heya everyone. This update will be brief, as I'm updating from our hotel room in Leicester, where we've been for the past few days at Amecon, the UK's premiere anime convention. I've obviously got a lot to say about it, but it will wait until I have made the long train journey back to Nottingham (okay, so it's only half an hour).

I will quickly say that it's been fun, more fun than I had been expecting, and I do feel it was really worth coming. It's not the goods (a new Death Note wallet, to replace Stolen!Roy-wallet, amongst others) that prove it, but my camera.

1 con. 1 camera. 1GB memory card. 3 days. 6 mexapixels.
900 photos.
Yup. Processing them will take a while...

I'm off to bed now, as we need to up early, but I'll give a quick shout-out to everyone I got to see and speak with at the con, who has internet right now to be reading this before the proper write-up! That update is so short, I feel I need to type at least one more sentence before I sign off. Which I have, so 'talk to you soon'!