July 26th, 2007


Rage at the Baltic

Heya, everyone. Sorry, but this'll have to be quick, as I am still in Germany, and updating from a computer terminal at the (rather-tiny) airport. This is also means I am using a German keyboard, the most confusing aspect of which is that the Y and Z are swapped around. So if mz writing seems quite crayz then zou know whz.

Eutin is okay. It#s verz beautiful, with a large lake, woods, a brick gothic castle, cafes, a square and an old watermill opposite an old watertower. It is also however quite isolated, and as Iäve come to realise, I like the connections a citz brings. I suppose I#ll get used to it, but itäs even less mainstream than Egham...

I#m also still reallz distressed. I took about 200 photos this weekend, including sunrise over Stansted, Amsterdam from the air, and photos of everz important place in Eutin, including several of the school Iäll be teaching at, as well as the station, castle, church, square, shops, and so on. Todaz we went to the beach just North of Timmdorfer Strand. I took lots of photos of the waves, and thought some of these the best water photographs I have ever taken.

Then I dropped mz camera off a pier into the Baltic Sea. The water wasnät deep, and the camera, lzing on the sand, was onlz just under the surface, but still...I'm waiting for it to drz, but Iäm not optimistic that it'll ever work again. I'm actuallz more upset that my memorz card was in there with all those photos )thankfullz I uploaded the photos from last week on Tuesdaz). I maz have lost all those photos, which is even more crushing when zou consider that I took most of them to serve as reference points this Summer as to the town Iäm to spend next zear in. I'm keeping the card seperate from the camera, but...I'll buz a new camera as soon as possible, but it costs monez, and thus I#ll have to formallz abandon anz plans for a Summer Holidaz this zear outside of Amecon.

It's scarz just how emotionallz attached I am to mz camera now. Taking photos keeps me happz...

Gotta go, bze!