July 20th, 2007


Sand Banks to the South Bank

Typical. When I'm staying at Hazel, it floods in Nottinghamshire. Now that I'm back in Nottingham, it floods in Windsor.

In other words, I'm back after my travels. Hunstanton on Sunday, London on Monday, Staines on Tuesday, Egham from Monday to Thursday. I've eaten at a roadside diner in the extremes of The Fens, walked across the wide flat sands of the North West Norfolk coast, crossed London on foot from St. Pancras to Waterloo (and further), eaten in a curious out-of-the-way courtyard in Covent Garden, watched HP&tOotP, had new clothes bought for me, had a pub lunch with my Grandfather, walked around Founder's during graduation ceremonies, watched the first five episodes of Death Note, spent three happy days with Holly, dragged a case on wheels across Egham as fast as I could, ditto with the Underground, and watched two by-elections on television in the early hours of the morning.

Write-ups and photos will follow, but one thing that remains unchanged is how possessive of the PC my Brother is. You may have to wait though. I have plans to walk a couple of miles to pick up the new Potter at midnight (not that I'm a huge fan, but I want to be able to feel safe online again), and read through it tommorrow.

Even if it continues to rain. Oh, Britain.