July 15th, 2007


News of Sorts

I woke up from a nap to my father saying "...has died sometime in the last hour". I thought perhaps someone famous had died, so I turned on the news to catch the preview for the news (on ITV, BBC were still in Scotland) which said "...about to collapse". I then spent five minutes in a panic wondering what the big bad news was, yet when they started talking about Conrad Black, I put two and two together. Dad had been talking about the rain, and ITV's regional news was talking about some botched DIY job for a pensioner somewhere. Tuning into the early news, as opposed to my usual diet of Newsnight, meant that I was able to witness Beckham embracing California. As far as I'm concerned, Hollywood, you're welcome to him and his wife.

Happily, I recieved the "J G Robertson" prize for attainment in German. Again: I got it last year too. Obviously, this is quite a good sign, even if I now know that it's not awarded to just one person. It's a £50 book voucher, and come to think of it, I don't think I got round to using the one I recieved last year. As an accolade of a lesser nature, I was also featured on metaquotes for an offhand comment I made to vixen_of_light.

I am about to travel again. In a few hours, I'm hopping on a coach to join the Church at Hunstanton in Norfolk for their annual seaside visit. I'm not dreading it, because I get to see some areas I haven't seen before, and the seaside ought to provide some welcome photo opportunities. I will be irritated if I do not get to take a notebook, a pen, a CD player, my RENT OCR, and my camera. I'll have refreshments too, and then I'll be a happy traveller, or as happy as I can possibly be in a coach, a vehicle that tends to make me feel sick on rainy days and when it's dark. The forecast predicts rain, but not whilst we're travelling, so the juries out. I do hope I don't get pushed into doing the actual assigned activities, however. I don't want to paddle, or build sandcastles. I want to photograph the waves. On that note, remind me to return to Flamborough Head sometime, so I can stand on high cliffs against the wind and sea, and shout affirmations into the storm.

Monday, I'm heading back to Egham. Not Hazel, obviously, but instead, it's a combination of Holly staying in Uni accommodation to continue to work in the area, and my expensive ticket from Monday being a return one. Thus I'll be down there until Thursday, relying on the Holloway computers again for internet, so that will kick me out of my current creative mood (although that may just be my brother's absence for today). I hope to spend some time in London on Monday, and to go and see HP5 at the cinema in Staines on Tuesday or Wednesday. I can also get some of my things from my Grandfather's, as due to Monday being a disaster, I left some important things down there amongst the rest of the contents of my Hazel room. I may even get my laptop up and running again, but of course, chiefly, I'll get to spend another few nights with Holly.

As for the rest of the Summer...well, what I'd like and what I'll do may well not be the same thing...