July 10th, 2007

Soft Sad

Fade to Hazel

I am so tired.

These past few days have not been fun. In fact, the 9th ranks as one of 2007's big low points so far.

I managed to knock a full cup of coffee off my desk in spectacular fashion on Saturday night, smashing the cup, soaking a vast array of papers, and flooding out my laptop, which summarily fizzed and turned off. After half an hour of mass hysteria on my part, I was told it may well be okay if I leave it a while, so it's still off. The hard drive will be salvagable.

My clearing-up and packing-up schedule get skewed, partially due to the devious nature of the task, whereby the list of tasks yet to do never seems to end, as you suddenly realise that *those* shelves need cleaning too. I managed to get my room sorted out, but ran out of time with the communal areas, getting only as far as cleaning shelves, and failing at defrosting a freezer. Grandad was a major help, collecting the mountain of things I had left over, and especially when I set off for the station, only for my clothes bag to break and it to start torrentially raining. The lift was welcome, but the train stopping at Barnes and Wandsworth for whatever reason, as well as the difficulties of dragging a massive suitcase (the clothes bag replacement) around the Underground meant I missed my train and had to pay a fair amount to make it up to Nottingham.

I miss Hazel House immensly. It ended so quickly, when we still had so much to do. I miss Holly. Deeply. Playing Katamari isn't as fun without her watching, and I feel uneasy with her being so far away.

Oh, and thank goodness for musicals. Aside from Holly, the thing that kept me going this weekend was both the film and the soundtrack to Rent. No day but today.

Proper update when I'm not exhausted, then. Not from my laptop, though, so I'm waiting on my brother's whims in regards to computer access. I may just sleep. It's so depressing leaving Hazel House behind, when it really felt so much like home. Apparently, they've already started changing it. Oh, life.

I'll be more eloquent when I can keep my eyes open. Talk to you tommorrow!