July 1st, 2007


A Concerted Effort

In Britain, we combine our terrorist attacks with big-name concerts. It's like 2005 all over again, complete with London bombs, a Live-whatever concert and difficulties for the PM in reacting to things. Only this time, the bombs didn't go off, the PM is having difficulty because he's only just been appointed as opposed to being at the G8 summit in Scotland, and the Live Earth concert is less 'big' than Live 8, but it does have the Diana Concert to back it up. No Olympic announcement either, but we do have flooding. I sometimes suspect if this nation saves up its big news stories until late June / early July.

The alert has been raised to 'critical', indicating an attack is imminent. This appears to be a 'oh noes, we is being bombed' reaction rather than being based on actual information. 'Critical' also translates as 'paranoid'. I can understand taking precautions at the Diana Concert, but otherwise, they're stretching security forces as much as they can.

So, yes, I'm watching the Diana concert, and doing some tidying during it too. I'd planned to do this cleaning to my just-arrived FFVII OST, but the concert started a lot earlier than I had figured, given that it's replacing David Dimbleby being silly in various historic structures in How we Built Britain at 9pm. So far, I've quite enjoyed it, especially Duran Duran (I still feel guilty for liking 'Rio'). It isn't helping with the whole 'Concerts good, me not going to any this year' thing, however, even if it doesn't really compare with Glastonbury. Of course, the thing with concerts like this, is that it can go from rocking music to music I really couldn't care less about, like with the Black Eyed Pea woman dancing around right now. Less urban, more rock, kthnxbye.

As an aside, I got so irritated with the apoliticing of Live 8 that I stopped watching, when for me now, the acts I missed would have been the highlights. Ironic, really.

As for Diana...well, I do not remember where I was when I heard she'd died, as so many seem to be able to. I do remember it wasn't long before school restarted, because I remember our headmaster, Mr. Saunders, teling us how he'd dedicate a newly planted tree to the Princess. My Dad thought it a stupid idea, believing the money better spent on school supplies. Mum disagreed. I don't remember much more. I've tended to side with my Dad's view in more recent years, but that doesn't mean I don't respect her. She used her role for many charitable purposes, and did a lot of good. I still reckon she has the last laugh, as her children will gain the throne.

I woke up at 7am today. I was meant to get up early, but my lift couldn't make it and suggested I take a taxi. They'd pay for it, but I didn't want to give them the cost, so I figured I'd take the train instead. However, I then woke up at 1pm.