June 30th, 2007


Hysteria on Haymarket

What, more terrorism? I was expecting another day of news on the floods and the new Cabinet, but instead I get to see images of a car bomb opposite the Pizza Hut we eat at sometimes when we're in London. I'm not going to start looking at every parked car or Arab with suspicion, even when I'm in London. In fact, I'm not viewing this as anything more than another piece of a news, most of which tends to be threatening anyhow. There was indeed a type of black humour in this happening on new (first-ever-female) Home Secretary Jacquiline Smith's first day, when she already has floods on her plate. Quite a wake up call. I also find it somewhat amusing that we are so British that even car bombs get towed away for being illegally parked. Gordon Brown does seem interested in what makes Britain Britain, so perhaps he'd appreciate that, even if I suspect a good deal of his drive for Britishness is to slow down the increading rate of Scottishness. The fact that I'm quietly optimistic about all this makes me feel utterly naive, and I expect I'll be proved right, but it's still interesting to have such a change at the top.

Housewise, we're still having a few issues that we're sorting out with each other. It's quite personal, so I won't go into details at all, but it is something that is casting a shadow over this last week-and-a-bit. Living with people isn't easy, but that's a lesson of life. I've not made things much easier for myself, but I hope to try and tackle those issues in the future, starting with a total clearup of the warzone that was once my room. I've got a long way to go, and if I am to stay with a family next year, as I may have to owing to house prices, I shall have to spend the Summer rehearsing.

We have booked accommodation for Amecon, after being somewhat surprised that a cheap-not-cheerful hotel a few minutes walk away wasn't yet fully booked for that weekend. Even though I will have my family home to myself that week, we lack the wheels to travel an hour down the M1, but we shall be there. I do hope I'll really enjoy it, especially as I've been feeling a little seperate from the world of anime this year, with the exceptions of One Piece and Lucky Star.

On the note of events, watching Glastonbury on TV was enthralling. It looks so deeply appealing, because I do love my music deeply, and watching the Killers blast out 'When You Were Young' (somewhat of a theme for the year), the Manics play their classic songs, and The Who performing the sublime 'Won't Get Fooled Again' with the inspired backdrop of three-sided playing/tarot cards...I'd have loved it. Or would I? See, most people I know in person don't see me as anything like the sort of person who'd go to rock festivals, or even rock gigs. I do suspect somewhat that the problem isn't so much me not standing them, but rather me not being outgoing enough. I've tended to do very little rather than seeking out opportunites presented to me, at least during the holidays, so I rarely get around to the idea of even checking to see if there are any gigs I can go to. After the deal with Blackmore's Night, I'm a little less enthusiastic, but to be fair, it wasn't a bad show, and I had very positive experiences with Video Games Live, so just maybe...in the future...

Oh yes, and I forgot to mention that I went for a meal with my father and my father's father on Sunday. It rained all morning, and then we went to a rural pub somewhere in Berkshire which had yellow roses, three goats and a sheep. The food wasn't bad either, especially the soup, but I kept checking to see what mayhem the various farm animals were up to outside the window. Later, one of the goats almost ate my camera. The level of action even rivalled that of the previous night's Doctor Who, which is less than 20 hours away from finishing its series. I've read vast lists of speculation as to what's going to happen, and whilst some are quite convincing, I won't tell you what they are, unless you really want to know, just in case I accidentaly spoil things for the various Whovians on my FL.

Do remind me: I've a long serious entry that I need to type up either tonight or tommorrow. I feel I may be being a little frivolous with my LJ as of late, because surely what I watch on TV, what I have for supper, and what I spend these long days doing (not much) isn't all that interesting!