June 27th, 2007

Princess Down

All Change

There is a distinct sense of change in the air today. The feeling all around that things will be different now, for better...or for worse.

The big thing today, or so it seems, is that we have a new Prime Minister. It's almost as unbelievable for Gordon Brown to be running the country as it is for Harold Saxon, but there we go. It's been a decade since Blair took office, and whilst the first three or four years are vague to me, I barely remember politics before that (Blair took office when I was 10). I do remember walking back from Junior School, and my Mum telling me happily that things would be different, better, now that the Tories had lost power. I fully believed her of course: back then, both my parents were members of the Labour party. Times have changed. Ironically, though, I'll miss almost all of Brown's first year, as I'll be living in a country under Merkel instead!

That's by no means all the change. For one thing, Hazel House is pretty much over. It's just Holly and I left, as Brian moved out this afternoon. It's not going to be like last Summer, however, where we often had the house to ourselves until September, as we leave in two weeks. One fortnight, and we have to totally erase our traces on the house during that time. It's a long goodbye, in other words. The house already felt emptier without Helen, Amy and Anna, so without Brian...well, it has been a year. I can't say we had a harmonious household by any means, although I'd really rather not go into details here, but it will be a shame to leave it behind.

More change too. Final Fantasy XII is complete, and I've little desire to replay it (yet, at least). Doctor Who is reaching its long-awaited climax (I could go into details about Toclafane theories, and John Simm's character, but I won't yet). The train company I use to get between London and Nottingham will be no more in the Autumn (either this year or next): Midland Mainline, and Central Trains, are both being taken over by Stagecoach, who run South West Trains down here. I can't say I'm delighted.

Hey, even my home county is now half-underwater!

Campus feels quieter than it did even last week. It would appear that there's no-one here but admin staff, and the occassional lecturer. It's peaceful, but it's also unsettling, especially after a year of being surrounded by all these people going everywhere. That Summer buzz that I mentioned confused me disappeared totally with the end of term, and these are the dull days. Of course, being back in Nottingham won't exactly be any speedier. I need to make peace with the peace.