June 22nd, 2007


Those Who Write Further

I came all the way to campus to give Astrid her present, to hand back several Department DVDs, and to upload 150 photos from my camera. None of the staff were in, and my camera ran out of batteries. Thus I figured I'd make the most of being here, hence the new icon, which has been sitting in my mind for a while now, ever since I saw a similar Doctor Who one. I wonder if 'Cid' is a Time Lord?

(Actually, in my hyperfantastical notion of 'Final Fantasy Infinity', the Final Final Fantasy, which would take place both before and after all the other games (which would be linked the recurring concept of spheres and circles), the riddle of the name of Cid would be explained. Also, Biggs and Wedge would finally recieve their reward for being the Square (Enix) equivalent of Blackadder, Gilgamesh would wield Excalibur, and so on...)

We're booking accommodation for Amecon at the moment. Although I registered some time ago, neither of us were fully sure if we could go until recently, hence it being a little last-minute. Still, it'd struggle to be more remote than we were last year, with a 45 minute walk to the Con from our accommodation, and only once we knew the quickest route. I remember thinking last year that I'd have to cosplay this time, but I really doubt we could pull together anything worth it in the time we have, and our respective costume skills.

Omega XII fell all too quickly. I didn't realise the EU version had the US HP. Game's almost over then.

Congratulations to those of my friends who recieved their degree notifications today! If I weren't taking German, that would mean it'd only be a year until I joined you...but I've got Eutin first. I'm heading out there in about a month with my father to see what it's like, and to decide on where to stay. Accommodation is pretty pricey, being a resort town, but my alternative is to stay with a family, which would obviously take some thought, and some luck in getting one who could cope with me.

There was quite a storm on Tuesday. I know this because we were outside at the time, albeit it only a few steps from the shelter of Staines' restaurant district. We'd gone out for a meal, and only just made it before the air turned to rain and thunder rolled overhead. However, being just afore the Solstice, it was too light to properly enjoy the storm. There hasn't been a good storm since last year. The meal was interesting: we went to an upmarket Italian restuarant, and I figured I'd try the gourmet pizza, seeing as I was used to 'normal' pizza from Pizza Hut, Tescos or Dominoes. I wasn't disappointed, and it came with enough rocket on top to make it almost look like a salad. It was stuffed so full of prime meat, and came with a bottle of chilli oil: I could only manage about 5/7 before feeling on the verge of exploding. Nevertheless, I now know what it truly means to eat pizza. Also, we've become used to having bread with olive oil and balsamic vineger before each meal out. How spoilt :)

At home, however, it's the usual menu: basmati rice, potato waffles, vegetarian sausages, bean-burgers, broad beans, gravy, Yorkshire puddings, Spar pizza, broccoli, and my special blend of pasta (it's vaguely currylike). Oh, and porridge every morning, because we felt like being healthy again.

The Radio Times have given The Sound of Drums an excellent review. Tommorrow evening can't come soon enough.