June 21st, 2007


Solstice Solace

The Solstice already? This year is fair flying by. Days slip past, and I barely notice, so that when I come to LJ, it's been a week since my last update. I remember the days I updated every 1.5 days. A different era, now.

We still don't know what caused the concert chaos. As it transpires, not only did Blackmore skimp on the encores, but the concert time was severely curtailed. A few days before, in York, they played for a full hour and a half more than for us, including such pre-BN hits as Black Night, Soldier of Fortune, and Smoke on the Water(!). We were unlucky in getting Reading. However, as there has been no official word yet, I can't tell you much more. Theories abound. Some claim that Ritchie was just having an off day, some blame the venue (especially the sound), whilst some ominously claim this is the beginning of the end for the group. I'll keep you informed, but I'm not hopeful of hearing any more. Apparently, the Hexagon offered someone who kept complaining tickets to the Brighton gig, but I can't make that anyhow.

July 10th, we're no longer residents of Hazel Close. It's too close, now, far closer than I can comfortabley muse upon it. So, whilst we want to just relax and have fun, we're having to gradually pack up. In fact, in the next two days, I need to pack up a vast majority of my things so they can be taken home when Dad visits on Saturday evening. I don't want to, but I have to. It won't be long before I'm back in Nottingham, eating my Mum's meals, drinking far too much coffee, and leaving the house daily to pick up whatever the family wants from the local supermarket. I want to enjoy these last few weeks, but at the same time, they're going to be a lot of work. Alas.

Furthermore, exam results arrive on the 4th July. I'm dreading them, this time, because I'm quite sure I won't have 70 or above for my two history units, and I know I won't for my German Language. If I'm to get a First at the end of all this, coming out of this year with, out of four units, one First, two 2:1s and a 2:2 will put a lot of pressure on me in my last year. I don't do as well in History exams as I do in essays and presentations, so my whole justification for taking History suffers. I'm worried.

As for FFXII, Yiazmat is down, just Omega and Bahamut left. It's been fun, but having another burst of video game nostalgia has reminded me of older Final Fantasies. I have to admit that, in that clichéd way, VII is still my favourite, but then again, it was my first, and I do like its darker atmosphere than some of the lighter others (FFXII doesn't have a dark atmosphere. I don't know quite what atmosphere it does have, though). Twelve reminds me of Ten, but with aspects of Nine. It's less linear than previous installments, but to an extent that the plot really does play second fiddle. It becomes a case whereby you move to the next plot scene after you've killed all marks, gained all Espers, bazaared this-or-that and so on. In this respect, it really suffers, despite some phenomenal voice acting (especially Balthier!) and a plot that does offer some nice twist and turns. Yet...it's not a Final Fantasy, not in the VII sense, and not even in the classic sense. Which is odd, but times move on, and with a game time approaching ten days, I can't say it hasn't been fun.


For those living in the UK, I do trust that this Saturday, you will exercise your right and vote. When you do, remember to vote for the man who can change the future, Mr. Harold Saxon. He's really a master at politics, which is no bad thing considering that Jones woman. In fact, Saxon is just really a master at everything. Whilst some may claim they saw him driving around in a Ford Cortina in the 70s, I can tell you that he was only born in 1969, although it is true he does seem to have the look of a man who experienced centuries in his eyes! So, you know you have only one true choice. Don't forget to check out his stirring election broadcast too, this Saturday on BBC1. I do trust that it'll be worth it, although I bet you that some-one has doctored it...