June 14th, 2007


Voice Post: Live from the concert

318K 1:44
“Hello. Yes, right, we've just been to the Blackmore's Night concert in Reading. I was going to play a little bit for you, but I wasn't sure whether I could actually sneakily record to LJ post from the concert.

But no, I'm talking to you now for a completely different reason – we've been snubbed! Totally snubbed! Blackmore disappeared directly after the last song. They played for, what, one hour ten minutes.

Well, the thing of Blackmore's Night is normally they go off, wait a while, then they come back, do two songs – three if they like the audience.

They just went!

Fans... I mean, it's getting to 20 minutes now after when it finished, perhaps more. The auditorium has... well, it's still got tons of fans crowded around the stage, with some poor bloke on the stage explaining that Blackmore's buggered off somewhere. We don't know where, but... people aren't happy. It's a good concert, but it's just put a dampener on everything. And there are a lot of people very disappointed, and...

Blackmore is a moody person, and unpredictable, but... people are unhappy. I dare say that Blackmore's Night may have actually lost some fans tonight, rather than increase their love, and the problem is the concert was so good. It just doesn't make sense.

We're looking for explanations. They're keeping a close eye on the Blackmore's Night website, but this is a turn-up for the books.

Well, it was a good concert, but I won't let it ruin everything for me. But... heh... But that's how it goes. It's back to Egham now, back to the routine. Just a shame, really.


Talk to you later. Bye-bye.”

Transcribed by: dhd1