June 10th, 2007

Native Dawn

Of Balls, Angels and Hedgehogs

Okay, I'm sorry. I said I'd update again, but it's much easier doing it from campus. I can type faster on proper keyboards, and my laptop is somewhat struggling (hence, I'll be using the PC next year if I can). I haven't been on campus much, however. On the one hand, I feel somewhat distanced by the transformation that happens to this place in the Summer Term. The buildings fall quiet, and students are glimpsed everywhere in summerwear, which usually dampens my spirits. Everyone seems to be doing everything, and I know I can't even try to keep up with what appears to be the general schedule for all those who haven't headed home as soon as they put their pens down. It's like this for three weeks, and ironically enough, those three weeks introduced me to a great deal of campus life last year (for example, The Orbital).

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Anyhow, it's obviously not just the Campus Factor that has kept me absent for so long. Nay, as many of you may have guessed, it's been the PS2. I get frightfully addicted to games, which is one reason why I only play when I know I've time to spare. Collapse )

I know where I'm going in Germany. That will have an entry to itself too, because this one is already rolling up like a katamari in the Paramina Rift.

It was the Summer Ball last night. The event on the Campus Calander, whereby hoardes of students decend on the two quads of the Founder's Building at 8pm to spend the night until 6am with various fairground rides, a chocolate fountain, food, drink, music, pretty lights and a concert. The concert guests are never announced until after all tickets have been sold, so it's always a lottery. In this case, it was The Automatic (What's that coming over the hill? Is it a katamari?) and the Vengaboys. Not as bad as last year then (Rachel Stevens, and she mimed). So, yes. I went for a meal in Egham with Holly (pizza, pasta, and salad), and the walk there was by hundreds of students en route to the ball. A few girls in dresses, but it seemed largely the tuxedoed boys making the walk up the hill. I must admit, it made me really feel as if I've been missing out. There are anti-balls held, of course, but they're about as exclusive as the original, whose tickets sell out every year. Ironically, when the queue for the tickets began at 5am one morning, I was right nextdoor working on one of my essays, so I could have picked up a pair and joined in the frivolities.

On the point of meals, we've been eating out a fair bit lately. Collapse )

As for the Ball, on the way back, Holly pointed out a hedgehog to me. I have a very soft spot for the hogs o' the hedge, and immediately fawned over the poor thing. I took a lot of photos, because it's not often I meet a hedgehog like that, and the hedgehog stopped for them. I thought I'd terrified the poor creature, but he didn't roll up into a ball, and even let me touch him (gently). Afterwards, he trotted off back into the cemetery where he ought to be safe from the roads round here. I do like hedgehogs, and as Holly noted, it somewhat made my evening.

Well, I havne't exactly been all that campusly social recently. Everyone was freed up by the end of exams, and events have been raining down like a Bank Holiday Monday's weather, but I've been either spending time with Holly, or the PS2. Oh yes, not very social. Ah well...the sad fact is that my third year friends are largely disappearing in a week's time, and quite a few of my second-year friends will be essentially doing the same, given that I'll be spending next year in Eutin rather than Egham. It could have been a chance to say goodbye, but following that logic, I'd be going every year to say goodbye to whatever bunch were graduating then. I plan on going to the Ball, oh yes, but not until my final year. It makes sense, even though I'm not aware of anyone else doing it (aside from Holly). Tickets are quite expensive, anyhow.

Tonight's Doctor Who was fantastic, was it not? Collapse )