May 12th, 2007


Flying many Flags

So Eurovision is imminent.

It's quite interesting to see how the Eurofans have reacted to the semi-final results. There has been a lot of emotion flung around.Collapse )


Now, onto the final. This is where I regret being as much a fan as I am. We Eurovision fans know the songs, the performers and so on very well, and we're thus biased. I can tell you who our favourites are, but you may not agree, as you'll most likely be hearing them for the first time. Ukraine and Latvia are hotly tipped. Latvia I'm not so sure about: I personally reckoned their opera song 'Questa Notte' only did so well because it came last, so it's 'grand finale' aspect was enhanced. This time, it's 10th, so it's epic quality will suffer.

As for the Ukraine...well, they're the bookies' fave. Verka's song is very catchy, and is silly enough to get the LT United vote from last year. It makes you want to dance. However, part of its magic is that it grows on you...Verka won't have time for that, and first impressions are crueller than the later opinions. Nevertheless, I reckon a lot of you will love it. It's in my top 20, but...

Germsny is the BBC Panel's fave. Roger Cicero is classy, and the song is great quality. However, it is hard to believe that a Big Bang jazz number sung in German could win in a contest increasingly English-and-ethnic. I'm also biased: I'll be in Germany next year, so if it's Berlin or Hamburg 2008, I'd be there.

I don't have time to go into each individual entry, and some of them I can't say much about (Armenia are *yawn*, Greece are exactly-what-you'd-expect). So...

Collapse )

I'm so so excited, and proud to be a Eurovision fan, which is something you'll not hear from all but a few Brits.

My declarations for tonight are, as I predicted, very difficult. However, I declare my support for...

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Enjoy the show, everyone.

Your Eurovision correspondant,