May 10th, 2007



Long time no see? Exams.

I have an exam in forty minutes, and it's scary and requires knowing a phenomenal amount and I'm really quite worried about it and I'll tell you more when I upload my Facebook notes on the exams.

However, the only real way to prepare for an exam on practically every aspect of the 19th century is to listen to the 1812 overture on repeat.

Look to the brighter side of Doom.


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Eurovision Semi-Final in under two hours. I do hope I can enjoy it, and not sit there thinking 'This is good, but I messed up so damn badly on something I ought to have done so well on, and how can I relax when I'm such a stupid idiot for making that mistake and if only next year was this year so I'd have 0.3 units worth a 1st rather than having that sorry excuse for my exam paper worth almost a full unit'...

I'll leave comments on. Feel free to comfort me, or to tell me off all the same. I'll go off and cry somewhere, or at least try to, and maybe we'll be back to something approaching normal soon.

10/05/07 - Blacklisted

No feed from the BBC, and Hazel's internet can't keep up with the ESC feed. So I had to run through the rain back onto campus to watch the rest of the Semi, and missed a number of my favourites en route. I'm not struggling to relax enough to enjoy things, although I do miss the commentary, and the PC lab is too bright (I turned down the lights in my half of the lab to have some girl complain that can't see anymore, despite all the lights around her being still on. I'm still thirsty. My phone's run out of power so I can't vote, nor can I phone Holly to reasussure her after our phone call earlier cut.

Needless to say, don't be expecting my usual writeup.*

This really ain't my day. iwillnotcryiwillnotcryiwillnotcryiwillnotcry

EDIT: Started crying at the Czech entry. Like a sliver of sunshine in the black hole. Thankyou, Kabat, I needed that!

* = Okay, changed my mind, but I'll be reviewing the first 10 or so from the videos that will inevitably be uploaded to YouTube.

Now I just everyone else in PC lab to P off and I'll be feeling much better.
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Nao Claws

Eurovision Semi-Final

Quite frankly, I'm too disappointed with the qualifiers to bother with a full write-up now. Not only did my absolute favourites not qualify (with the exception of one that no-one doubted for a second would qualify), but the general favourites also didn't.

My views are summarised (here).

Let's just say that a number of us ESC-fans are waiting for the details on which countries voted for what. If suspicions are correct, the contest is in danger. This year has proved that. It's not that the favourite didn't qualify, as with Kate Ryan last year (although, imo, she deserved it). It's that a number of the favourites didn't qualify, despite performances that even had the in-house audience calling out their names and booing furiously over the closing credits.

A bit of a shambles, really. Justice has not been done, and this really has not been a very good day.
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